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Tamiya RC TA04-S with LED lights

Tamiya RC TA04-S body

Tamiya RC TA04-S chassis

Tamiya RC TA04-S chassis

Grundmodell: Zitat von der Hersteller Seite zum Tamiya RC TA04-S Chassis:
Tamiya presents the high-performance, sports version of the popular TA04 chassis used by R/C enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience. Designed to race, this chassis comes with a full ball-bearing set to minimize drive loss and employs adjustable turn buckle shafts. The high efficiency 2 belt 4WD system, the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, and the hardened resin double deck frame of the TA04 have been left unchanged. Just select the body and motor of your choice and you will have taken your first step into the world of true R/C racing!

Full Ball-Bearings
The chassis is equipped with ball bearings not only in the drive shaft, but in the steering arms as well. This allows for smoother driving and increased durability. Maintenance is made easier as well.

Equipped with Turn-Buckle Shafts
The front and rear upper arms, steering tie rods, and steering linkage all employ turn buckle shafts. The length of the shafts can be adjusted without removal for easy steering shaft adjustment.
2 Belt 4WD

The TA04-S chassis employs a high efficiency 2 belt drive 4WD system with an 83T spur gear. *Motor not included.
  • Overall Length: 365mm
  • Overall Width: 184mm
  • Clearance: 8mm
  • Weight Fully Equipped: 1,517g (Measurement includes TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit and RC2400SP Battery.)
  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Tread F/R: both 162mm
  • Chassis Material: ABS/Polycarbonate
  • Chassis Shape: Double Deck Frame
  • Steering Tie Rod: 3 part
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Double Wishbone
  • Caster Angle-F/R: 10deg/2deg
  • Camber Angle-F/R: adjustable
  • Toe Angle-F/R: adjustable/2deg
  • Damper: F/R CVAMiniII
  • Transmission Type: 2 Belt Mid-ship Full-time 4WD
  • Gear Ratio: 7.08:1 (kit standard)
  • Diff. gear system: F/R 3-Bevel Diff
  • Recommended Speed Controller: Electronic Speed Controller
  • Tire Width: F/R both 26mm
  • Tire Diameter: F/R both 64mm
  • Tread Pattern: F/R Slicks

Daten zum derzeit eingebauten Motor von der Herstellerseite zum LRP Vector X11 13.5 T Brushless Stock Spec:
Kontrollierbarkeit war noch nie zuvor so einfach! Der neue VECTOR X11 Stock Spec ist speziell für Stock Rennen mit vorgeschriebenem Motorreglement entwickelt worden.

Dank der Lasergravur und des farbcodierten Aluminiumrings kann die Anzahl der Wicklungen sehr schnell erkannt werden. Zusätzlich sind Magnet und Motorwelle des VECTOR X11 Stock Spec schwarz eingefärbt, um die Kontrollierbarkeit so einfach und sicher wie möglich zu machen!

  • Military Spec Sintered Neodym Magnete
  • Neue Konstruktion für niedrigsten Widerstand
  • Neue, überdimensionierte Kugellager für reibungsarmen Lauf
  • Neue Lötsockel, einfache und sichere Installation
  • Neuer Stator für mehr Drehmoment
  • Multilayer Platine mit niedrigem Widerstand
  • Handgewickelt
  • X11 Gehäuse, demontierbar, timebar
  • Sensor-Technologie
  • Standard 540er Größe und Gewicht
  • Kann mit gesensorten und sensorlosen Reglern betrieben werden
  • German Technology

Technische Daten
Typ13.5 TURNS
Spezifische Drehzahl/Volt, kv3.200

Daten zum derzeit eingebauten Regler von der Herstellerseite zum Hobby King Brushless Car ESC 100A w/ Reverse (Upgrade version):
Hobby King upgrade version ESC provide more power support to the MCU, resulting better throttle response and high speed performance.Also software upgrade gives better startup effect and support different type of motors.

  • Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal lost, startup protection and self-check.
  • Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
  • Excellent startup performance, linear and quick throttle response.
  • Supports highest motor speed 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles).
  • Easy to configure with program card.
  • System can automatically detect throttle neutral point, and neutral range is adjustable.
  • Three work modes for different environments.
  • 4 step reverse force adjustment
  • 5 step start force adjustment.
  • 3 step brake force adjustment
  • 5 step drag brake force adjustment,
  • 4 step initial brake force adjustment.
Input voltage: 5V-17V (support 2-4S lithium batteries)
Cont. Current: 100A
BEC output: 3A /5.5V (switch)
Size(length X width X high): 47x41x29mm
Weight: 95g
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