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This is my OpenSource Software for the EPI-Strom that mainly exisits to be used along with C-OSD which is the Open Source Software for the Epi-OSD.


So you got interested? Really?
The latest version is:

To keep an eye on the latest version use the image above, it is auto-generated :)
You can use:
Simple Textual representation.
An Image representing the above string, useable in boards and stuff.
This is actually customizable like:
Where size and solid should be self explaining and tr, tg, tb will set the text color and br, bg, bb will set the background color.
The archive of the latest binary release.

For example in the MK-Forum (and other BB-Code-Conform boards) you can use:

Or can just simply try out the precompiled hex-files, some previous versions will be linked here as well: (~7 KB) (~7 KB) (~6 KB) (~6 KB) (~5 KB)

Acces the current sourcecode via SVN (you need to be registered over at the MikroKopter-Forum, your login-data will work for the svn as well:
svn co

You can also browse the files of Projects/C-OSD/ online via webbrowser using
WebSVN Projects/C-OSD/C-Strom/

HW 1.0

Fuses speaking in HEX:
HIGH: 0xD7
LOW: 0xA4

HW 1.1

Fuses speaking in HEX:
HIGH: 0xD7

C-Strom connected to MK-USB for setup.

Debug helper:
Like seen in the video the Serial Toggle Firmware toggles the RX and TX pin (along with the LED).
Like seen the 3rd Pin in the upper row (RX, normal counting pin30) is HIGH while the LED is on and LOW while the LED is off.
The 2nd pin in the upper row (TX, normal counting pin31) is LOW while the LED is on and HIGH while the LED is off.
So you can check for short-circuits and broken cables easier...
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