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There is a Forum-Thread in the MikroKopter-Forum NCSimulator - Datenstroeme der NC/FC am PC simulieren und ausgeben. It is in german but feel free to ask questions in english as well.


So you got interested? Really?
The latest version is:

To keep an eye on the latest version use the image above, it is auto-generated :)
You can use:
Simple Textual representation.
An Image representing the above string, useable in boards and stuff.
This is actually customizable like:
Where size and solid should be self explaining and tr, tg, tb will set the text color and br, bg, bb will set the background color.
The archive of the latest binary release.

For example in the MK-Forum (and other BB-Code-Conform boards) you can use:

Or can just simply try out the precompiled jar-files, some previous versions will be linked here as well: (~3 MB) (~2 MB) (~2 MB) (~2 MB) (~2 MB)


Anything to improve? Help yourself (and all others by commiting changes):

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